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Month: June 2017

Pipe Lining - Pipe Cutout
Pipe Lining, Drain and Sewer

Why Pipelining Is A Better Alternative To Tunneling

When your sewer pipes are cracked or broken, it may seem like the only way to get them repaired is by digging a tunnel to get access to the pipes. After all, these pipes are laid pretty deep underground and there is no other way to get to them except by tunneling through the layers of soil. However, this technique is fraught with numerous risks. Knowing what is involved in tunneling will help you understand what can go wrong and why it is not the favored option…

Author: Dan Dawson

Date Posted: June 23, 2017

Frozen Burst Pipe
Water Leak

Detecting leaks with the help your water meter

Water leaks can be a serious issue, and many home owners notice them too late. Failure to identify a leak in early stages can be a costly mistake.

Constant moisture can lead to cracks in concrete. This can cause serious structural damage, which can be costly to repair. The cost is usually not covered by insurance since home owners are required to conduct plumbing inspections. Leaks can also cause very high water bills. Leaking concealed pipes can cause damp floorings and walls. Damp floorings ruin wooden floorings by warping them. The constant moisture can also damage carpets. Damp walls can ruin expensive wall surfacing and paints. Also, dampness leads to the growth of fungi, which can seriously deteriorate indoor air quality and lead to your home having a moldy smell. In some serious cases, leaking pipes can erode away the soil beneath a house and cause the risk of a sinkhole…

Author: Dan Dawson

Date Posted: June 21, 2017

Before And After Pipelining
Pipe Lining

What is Pipe Relining

Any normal residential or commercial property needs an elaborate network of pipes and plumbing in order to supply water and carry away sewage. Most of these pipes are underground and are highly susceptible to damage due to various reasons. There are natural contaminants in water which cause damage to pipes. The various contaminants in the water can speed up corrosion of the pipes, which is the leading cause of damage to the pipes. This is even more relevant to the sewage and other waste water pipes. All the damage caused adds up over time and at some point the pipes become extensively damaged, causing leakage of waste water or leaching contaminants of soil in fresh water. Once you have narrowed down the damage caused to the pipelines, you need to choose an appropriate approach to repair the damage.

Author: Dan Dawson

Date Posted: June 18, 2017