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Palm Beach County, FL and surrounding areas

North Palm Beach Pipe Lining Testimonial

Our customer was extremely happy that he did not need to rip up his floors or tunnel beneath his house to fix his 60 year old cast iron pipes. Instead we used the pipe lining method which involves no digging or destruction.

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Author: Dan Dawson

Date Posted: August 15, 2018

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  • Kwik Plumbing: They are the best. Did a huge job here at Lake Colony II in one of our buildings, and will do the next bldg. next year. Whenever something comes up, you call, and in no time, they are here trying to assist us. This morning I pushed the button and Called Dan. Told him a small sliver chain had just gone down the drain in my bathroom. By noon, Ryan was here and in less that 10 minutes I had my chain back. I so appreciate their willingness to help and provide such excellent service. I recommend them highly. They not only know what they are doing, it is great to deal with them.


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