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On January 4th 2017, Kwik Plumbers began working at Seminole Condominiums, Juno Beach, Florida in order to rehabilitate the building’s piping system. Two hundred and twenty (220′) linear feet of 4″ horizontal cast iron piping were lined underneath the building.

A summary of the work done for the Seminole Condominiums is as follows:

  • The main sanitary line underneath the building was jetted to clean/prep the pipe.
  • Vac truck was used to clean the debris from the jetting process.
  • 220′ of 4″ horizontal cast iron pipe was lined.
  • 13 branch reinstatements in the main sanitary line.
  • Worksite was cleaned and job was completed.

The project went very smooth from the original camera inspection all the way to cleaning up after the job was done. Now that The Seminole Condominiums has a fresh plumbing system they won’t have to worry about the newly lined pipe for 30+ years.

Categories: Pipe Lining Projects / Pipe Lining

Author: Dan Dawson

Date Posted: September 25, 2017

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