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Can you allow your plumbing checkup routine take another year without being done? If it has, think about your pipes, drains, and sewer lines now. This is the perfect time to prepare for uninvited emergencies that have happened over the years. These emergencies include broken water lines, sewer backups and blocked drains. These are the most stubborn emergencies that the Kwik Plumber experts have to deal with each year.

Clogged drainage

If your bathroom or kitchen sink won’t drain any water, then you are definitely going through one of the most common problems homeowners have to deal with. The good thing is that you can always handle the clogged drains alone without involving a plumber.

What could be causing the drains to clog?

Most of the bathroom clogs are caused when dirt, hair and skin fragments bind with soap debris inside the pipe. The sink in the kitchen also gets clogged up when soap scum, cooking grease and sticky food substances gunk up on the inner pipe walls. The best way of preventing the clogs is to never allow oil down the drainage pipes.

What should you do if you have clogged drain?

The good news is that the sink clogs in the bathroom are always just beneath from the drain. You have to remove and clean the drain stopper. Insert hair snare and pull it back to see the gunk you have collected.
To unblock a kitchen sink, you have to use boiling water to loosen up the clog. This will send it down the pipe. If it fails after all these efforts you will need to find a plumber.

Broken water line

If you have an old plumbing system, you’ll need to replace your waterline. Always be prepared to face the possibility of a broken water line.

When is the mainline replacement required?

The main can leak or burst and this could be due to a shoddy repair initially done, soil shifting due to cycles or just old age.

What should you do in case of a broken waterline?

You can spot a broken mainline by only checking your yard in case of standing water. Ever rising water bills can also indicate that there is a leakage.

Backup for the sewer

Nothing good comes out of a sewer backup related problem. When you immediately spot the cause, you should quickly find a remedy for it.

What causes sewer backups?

The sewer line could back up for various reasons including due to clogs, tree roots might wrap around the pipes or around the sewer lines thus resulting to blockage. Iron or clay lines may also collapse and hence blocking the water flow.

What should you do if you have a backed-up sewer?

Sewer backups can be dangerous on your health, no matter the cause or the season. Call our experts immediately, and avoid the affected area. As a precaution, you should also turn off air conditioning from reaching those areas, and call a cleaning service company to clean it up.
If you encounter any of the above-mentioned emergencies, you should reach out to our expert plumbers at Kwik Plumber Services for assistance. We are only a phone call away to rescue you!



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