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A dripping faucet may do more than flush your money down the drain. It suggests that something within the fixture needs repair. Faucet issues caused by rust, corrosion or mineral buildup often require replacement of the fixture. Our team at Kwik Plumbers offers reliable faucet repair and installation services in Jupiter, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Signs of Faucet Problems

A constant drip, drip, drip is the first sign most home and business owners notice when a faucet has a problem. Low water flow or too many bubbles in the water also suggest a faucet problem. Look out for loose handles, rust, corrosion, and cracks, which all require professional attention.

An improper faucet installation may result in a flood. The faucet may not stay in place, causing water to spray everywhere. Improper faucet installations could waste water or damage nearby cabinetry, walls, and countertops.

Benefits of Professional Repairs

Professional faucet repairs identify the cause of the faucet problem. A plumber in Jupiter, FL, or other areas we serve can replace worn washers and aerators that contribute to faucet issues. We also check for leaks and signs of rust and corrosion that could lead to a larger issue in the short-term future. Our trusted plumbing company provides faucet repair and installation services in the following areas:

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