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Do you wind up standing in a pool of cold water at the end of your shower? Are you frustrated by high energy bills that are likely related to an old water heater? Has your old tank water heater finally broken down? At Kwik Plumbers, we offer exceptional water heater services in Jupiter, FL, and nearby areas, including all aspects of repair, routine maintenance, new water heater installation and replacements.

When it comes to purchasing a new water heater or having your existing model repaired, you don’t want to entrust the job to just anyone. We employ highly skilled and experienced plumbers who are able to take care of just about anything when it comes to your hot water needs. Simply pick up the phone and call us today for more information about what we can do for you.

Kwik Plumbers your water heater repair company offers excellent water heater services throughout the West Palm Beach, FL area.

Choose the Right Water Heater

There is no shortage of options when it comes to new water heaters. A quick online search reveals dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of models available. What should you do and how should you choose? First, get in touch with a professional plumber, such as those on our team. We’ll be able to pick through the clutter and find you a make and model that matches your budget and hot water requirements. You’ll also want to choose between tank, tankless, heat pump, and solar water heater. If you’re budget–conscious, then a tank water heater may suffice, but if you’re interested in saving money, then you may want to consider a high–efficiency model.

We Repair and Maintain Water Heaters

Let our plumber in Jupiter, FL, and the surrounding area do for you what they have done for countless others: restore your hot water. When your shower runs cold or your water heater fails to start up at all, then you need professional assistance from a friendly and personable company who cares: Kwik Plumbers. Whether you notice that your water heater sounds like it’s boiling water instead of just heating it, or your energy bills are way too high for your liking, let our team know. We’ll be happy to have a look at your water heater and restore it.

  • The tank water heater is the go–to model for most homeowners in the greater West Palm Beach area. It’s widely used because of its cost–effectiveness and ability to store large amounts of hot water for use at the various fixtures and appliances in your household. We install and service them.

  • A tankless water heater does not heat a large amount of water at once and then let it sit in a tank. Instead, it heats your water on–demand—only when you call for it. That cuts down drastically on the amount of energy your system requires to provide hot water for your home.

  • A heat pump water heater combines all of the advantages of a heat pump with a conventional gas tank water heater. By using the surrounding air to heat your water supply, it can cut down substantially on your energy requirements. We install and service heat pump water heaters.


When you need water heater maintenance, turn to our trusted professionals at Kwik Plumbers. Since our founding in 1982, we have provided homeowners in Jupiter, FL, and the surrounding area with reliable water heater tune-ups. We inspect every part of your conventional tank or tankless water heater to check for signs of wear and tear. Our technicians check the gas and water supply valves and seals to prevent leaks. We also verify that gas heaters perform the combustion process safely and that no carbon monoxide or other combustion byproducts get into your home. We serve:

We Offer Full Water Heater Services

Whether you need a water heater installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement, we’ve got your back. No one wants to have to replace their water heater plumbing systems every couple of years. That’s why you should invest in the best water heater contractors that you can find. Kwik Plumbers has many kitchen plumbing experts, with years of professional experience under their belts. If you’d like to know more, or would like to schedule an appointment, call today.

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