No destruction, No Mess.
Palm Beach County, FL and surrounding areas

About Us

Kwik Plumbers got started well over 30 years ago. Dan Dawson started his plumbing company at age 21 and never looked back. Since that time, we have worked with industry leaders such as Plumbers Success International and Service Round Table to give Palm Beach county home and business owners the very finest when it comes to new plumbing installations, drain and sewer, emergency repairs, and routine plumbing services.

Let us do for you what we have done for countless others in this area. No matter what size home you live in or what industry you work in, we’re here for you every day to make sure you have plenty of potable hot and cold water and an effective wastewater system. We specialize in pipe lining(trenchless pipe repair), drain cleaning, video camera inspection, leak detection, repiping, and hydro-jetting.

We’re Pipelining Experts! Call Kwik Plumbers today for all of your plumbing service needs in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Because we care. For us, it’s that simple. We take the time to complete a job on time and within budget, and we stand firmly behind our work. Our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced, of course, but they also excel at customer service. We know just how frustrating it can be to deal with a leaking water heater, an overflowing toilet, or a sewer problem that disrupts your entire weekend. Our job is to solve your plumbing problems, and to go beyond the call of duty to make you happy with your home.

What We Love to Do

Many plumbers in our service areas rely on a single method for repairing underground sewer lines. While the dig–and–break method is still widely used, it is also still expensive, labor–intensive, and destructive to your yard. Our specialty is trenchless pipe repair, also known as pipe lining or pipe relining, a fast, highly effective, and efficient way to restore your sewer system. This process helps us save labor time and it remains highly effective for long–term sewer pipe solutions. Our pipe relining comes with a clog–free guarantee. We also carry top–of–the–line sewer cameras and leak locators.

We Run a Clean Operation

It’s a messy and sometimes smelly job, but we know that we do keeps our customers’ homes clean and hygienic. But just because our jobs are messy doesn’t mean that we are. One of the factors that sets us apart from the competition is the cleanliness of our equipment and our trucks. We want what’s in your drains and sewer line to stay there, and we make sure that your home is protected while we’re at work. And our trucks are not only super clean on the inside and out, but they are all equipped with hydro–jetters, which is the best way to clean out your drains and sewer line.

Get in touch with our team of dedicated plumbers today for all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs in the West Palm Beach, FL area. We’re ready to get to work for you.