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It’s a fine morning, you are off the bed and headed to the washroom. On opening the faucet to wash your face, you notice that the sink isn’t draining the water. This alone is enough to spoil your entire day. You can prevent all that, with this simple guide from Kwik Plumber experts. You can get your water flowing all by yourself without the help of a plumber or any other chemical. Follow these five steps:

Disengage the stopper

This is necessary as it would help you get rid of dirt that may have collected on the stopper. Bear in mind that before cleaning it, you have to disassemble it. Beneath the sink lies a metallic strip with holes. Loosen the pivot nut off the metallic strip that connects to the drainage pipe. Then disconnect the rod out of the pop-up to remove it, this will disengage it from the stopper.

Clean the stopper by removing it

The stopper should be lifted from the drain. Don’t be surprised by the amount of gunk that’s stuck on the stopper. On this part you may want to try and plug your nose to stop breathing the filthy smell. The gunk should then be removed by simply wiping the stopper using a towel and disposing of the mess to the litter bin.

Snake your drainage

The likely possibility for the clogged sink is due to the clogged stopper. For a good measure it is advisable for you use a hand snake, they are available on hardware stores who have this tools at a lower price. Once the stopper has been removed, the snake is inserted into the drain, the handle is cranked from the head round and inside pipe to grab blockages in its path, such as dirt, hairs, soap scum and any other debris. Be ready to tackle the nasty odor when you pull it out, there will be gunk all over it with a bad smell.

Put the stopper back in place

Return the stopper back to its original position and look under the sink and re-install the pivot. Pull the metal rod up. If sure that the stopper is fitted wells, turn your faucet on and see if there is uninterrupted flow. If it does flow you are done! But if it does not drain there is one more thing you can do before deciding to call a plumber.

Check on P-trap

This is an elbow shaped section of plumbing pipe. The hand snake is long but might not be long enough to clear all the gunk off the drainage. With a bucket beneath the P-trap, remove the screws holding the pipes in position. Pour out the water in the bucket and wipe out the inner side of the pipes. Next, remove the debris then reattach it. If the sink won’t drain, then you will need the services of an expert plumber from Kwik Plumber Services.

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