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Slab leaks are more than simply an inconvenience. They can cause extensive damage to your home and result in very costly repairs. They happen when pipes located underneath your home’s concrete foundation start to leak, creating pressure until they damage your foundation. Unfortunately, once visible damage has occurred the chances are that the leak is extensive.

To detect a slab leak you’ll want to watch for factors such as lower water pressure throughout your home, unexplained water damage to ground-level flooring, and water coming up from below your foundation. If you think you may have a slab leak, you’ll want to hire a professional plumber right away to at least inspect your system. Getting help as early as possible is essential to preventing further damage. While slab leaks may be unavoidable—particularly if you have very old piping—there are steps you can take to possibly prevent them.

Maintain Water Pressure

It’s only natural that you enjoy high water pressure, particularly in the shower or when washing dishes with caked-on food. However, if your pipes are too narrow to handle this high water pressure, eventually pipe corrosion can occur.

Test Your Water’s pH Level

You may have hard water, which can have a damaging, corrosive effect on your pipes’ interior. This can certainly lead to leaks. In order to text your water’s pH level, you’ll want to contact a professional plumber. If the pH level is too low, this can cause problems too.

Watch What You Pour Down the Drain

Store-bought liquid plumber gel can actually be more damaging to your plumbing system than it is good for it. Sure, it may relieve a stubborn clog for the time being. However, if used too much it can actually have a severe effect on your pipes. Additionally, liquid plumber gel is not eco-friendly. For ecologically sound and safe drain cleaning, you’ll want to contact a professional.

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