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While most homeowners do not give much thought to their sewer line, this portion of the plumbing system is what connects a home to the sewer system. Without it, modern plumbing the way you know it would not be possible. Under ideal circumstances, your sewer line—usually made of copper—can last between 80–100 years! However, this is dependent on the care and maintenance it receives. To ensure your sewer line lasts as long as possible, it is important to get the best possible professional services, and to stay on top of your sewer line repair needs. But how do you know if your sewer line needs repairs?


This is one of the most common, and usually most obvious, signs that something is amiss with your sewer line. If a foul smell is creeping into your home and smells like sewage, chances are there is a broken pipe that needs repair.

Strange Sounds

Do you hear a bubbling sound when you flush the toilets in your home or use the sinks? This is a sign that your sewage line might be clogged and needs repair.

Standing Water

Pools of water around where the sewer line is located are a definite sign that there is a broken or leaking pipe. Since most residential sewer lines run under front or back yards, leaking water tends to rise up through the surrounding soil. This contaminates the area and creates really gross-smelling puddles of water along the surface.

Water Backup

Is water coming back up into your tub or drain? Check your toilets. If you flush them and the water doesn’t fill back up, or water backs up somewhere else in your home after doing so, then you are likely facing a sewer line blockage.

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