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Call Kwik Plumbers For All Your Plumbing Needs

With the gorgeous Florida landscape comes the inevitable downpours, and a strong plumbing system is a must. At Kwik Plumbers, we are on hand to tackle all manner of plumbing issues, from back–ups to clogs to sump pumps and many more. We are experienced, highly trained, and fully licensed, and offer the finest plumbing service for both residential and commercial properties in Lantana, FL.

Our plumbers are on hand for so much more than just repairs. Installation of new appliances, remodelling aspects of the property, maintaining fixtures throughout the building, call Kwik Plumbers and let us show you why we’re the best.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair and Installation Services

The kitchen is the lifesource of your home, where food and family come together. Disruptions can cause a major stir to everyday life, so let Kwik Plumbers take care of any issues, from sinks to pipes to plumbing. We’ll get you up and running again.

Garbage Disposals Repair and Installation Services

Often overlooked, garbage disposals are vital to everyday life. Not only convenient, but also a hygienic necessity, and issues must be dealt with, and there are no better professionals than the experts at Kwik Plumbers.

What’s Wrong with Your Drain and Sewer System?

Don’t let a faulty waste water pipeline snowball into larger problems, call us immediately to service your drains, and gain peace of mind that your drain and sewage systems is working effectively. Our plumbers offer a number of different services, including hydro–jetting to clear out your drains and sewer line quickly and effectively, and video pipeline inspection, not to mention drain repair and pipe–relining.

Drain Cleaning Services

False promises offered by common store cleaning products do not effectively cleanse drains. Allow our experts to clean your drains with state of the art equipment, using techniques such as hydro–jetting and motorized snakes, to revitalize your drains.

Sewage Cleaning Services

Lantana has a low water table, making effective sewage lines even more important. We get it right every time, so call us for any sewage problems you may be experiencing!

We Are Pipe Lining Experts

Sewer drainage pipes frequently create havoc for residents and business owners. Sewer pipes leak and clog due to aging lines, calcification, and root intrusion costing residents and business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leaking sewage also creates health risks such as contamination from mold and bacteria. Backups cause sewers to overflow, spewing poisonous waste into our streets, highways and waterways.

Cured–In–Place Pipe (CIPP) is the process of creating a pipe within an existing pipe that has been damaged. CIPP does not damage existing structures, floors, interior walls, sidewalks, or landscaping. The process has been in use for over 25 years.

The Advantages of Trenchless Technology

  • Prevents Root Intrusion and Stops Leaks

    Our cured in place epoxy molds to the diameter of the existing pipe and hardens stopping leaks and eliminating the possibility of future root intrusions. This pipe lining process eliminates these problems now and for the foreseeable future.

  • Increases Flow

    CIPP lining increases your pipe flow capacity because the epoxy molds are smoother than the old cast iron pipes. Also calcification deposits cannot adhere to the epoxy–lined walls thus preventing any future blockage.

  • No Digging or Destruction

    Our pipelining process does not involve any digging, landscaping, or destruction of the foundation.

  • Adds Structural Strength

    The finished product will withstand future corrosion and root intrusions, thus eliminating any future need for excavation. Our resin formulas are custom–specified to meet our customers’ needs.

Got a Faulty Water Heater, Call Kwik Plumbers

Water heater issues are a matter of urgency. Our expert team will rigorously analyse the entire system to provide an immediate solution, and expedite the implementation process to limit the upheaval you experience.

Tankless Heaters

Tankless heaters serve a range of purposes, from general money saving, to routine activity in vacation homes. We install them in discrete locations where they can effectively heat water, and save you money and space.

We Provide Commercial Plumbing Solutions

Don’t let your business falter because of plumbing issues. We are a reliable, dedicated team of licensed professionals who care for the quality of our work. From restaurant kitchens to office bathrooms, presentation, hygiene, and quality are aspects a business must ensure are handled. Let us do the hard work, so you can watch your business grow. Call today!