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Rusty, damaged sewer lines

With the constant expansion of cities and small communities, the inevitable strain on the environment also grows. And with that, the importance of switching to sustainable, eco-friendly solutions becomes more and more apparent. An often overlooked aspect of this pressing issue is the environmental impact of aging sewer lines. As the leading authority on trenchless pipe lining in Tequesta, FL, Kwik Plumbers is spearheading the drive in the community for greener plumbing solutions.

Below is a close look at the impact of aging sewer lines on the environment.

Water Contamination

Aging sewer lines need adequate attention from pipe lining companies because of the threat of water contamination. With the inevitable degradation brought about by time, sewer pipe lines tend to develop cracks and leaks. This, in turn, allows untreated sewage to leak into the surrounding soil and waterways. As a result, the aquatic ecosystems are compromised with potentially devastating effects on wildlife and humans alike.

Habitat Degradation

Surrounding bodies of water are also at risk with aging sewer lines. Various pathogens and pollutants can seep into aquatic habitats and threaten the survival of native species. The delicate balance of ecosystems, fortunately, can be kept by maintaining the integrity of sewer lines through procedures such as CIPP pipe lining.

Nutrient Pollution

Water nutrients in urban areas are also at risk with aging sewer lines. Since sewage contains high levels of nutrients, it can inadvertently fuel excessive growth of algae in lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. As a result, the oxygen may be depleted while harmful algae will end up flourishing. This phenomenon can kill water-based life forms and force the collapse of ecosystems.

Greenhouse Emissions

Though not as widely discussed, aging sewer lines can also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Decomposing organic matter in sewer lines tends to release methane which is a potent greenhouse gas that is a known trigger to climate change. The team at Kwik Plumbers offers premium quality cast iron pipe lining to ensure that old cast iron pipes maintain their integrity to avoid this.

Whatever happens to our local communities, we are all affected. That’s why it’s on us to do our part–no matter how small–to affect change for the better. If you suspect that aging sewer lines may be contributing to the degradation of your community’s water lines, don’t procrastinate. Act now and do your part. Talk to us at Kwik Plumbers for eco-friendly trenchless solutions. From simple drain cleaning tasks to sewer pipe lining procedures, you can count on us to get the job done right!



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