Think clogged hair is an inevitable burden? Think again.

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One of the biggest problems in the drain is clogged hair, and eradicating this obstacle has a major effect on water flow throughout the system. Think clogged hair is an inevitable burden? Think again.

Consider a Beard Trimming Mat

For so long men have been trimming their beards haphazardly across the bathroom, leaving traces of their facial hair everywhere. The simple yet effective solution is a beard trimming mat, which vastly reduces the spread of hair, contributing to less clogging!
Attached to your bathroom mirror via suction cups, the mat covers the sink and counter, catching any loose beard trimmings. Made with materials chosen specifically for their non-stick properties, trimmings are caught and can be disposed of appropriately, leaving a fresh mat ready to go again straight away.

The Water Drop Hair Catcher

Bathroom sinks are designed with a plug which is loose while not in use. However, installing a water drop hair catcher provides a protective material for the sink around the plug. With a straining type effect, water is passed through, while hair and other larger objects and debris are blocked, ready to be disposed of easily.

Drain Hair Catcher- Shower

The hair catching concept can be extended to other drains, including the shower. Again, install this simple device and catch stray hairs like never before, offering a simple but effective solution to clogged hair in the shower drain. With its disposable system, it has never been simpler to quickly and easily remove obstruction from the shower drain.

Drain Covers (recycled)

Often, there is no need to spend extra money on installations to block the drain. Many household items can do the job!
Dryer sheets can act as good straining devices for hair. When washing one’s dog, a washcloth can be used on the drain area immediately prior to unplugging the drain. Finally, one common thing many people forget to use these days is a hair brush, which can catch stray hairs before you shower, giving you the peace of mind that nothing will clog your drain.



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