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Clogs in the plumbing system of any property can cause significant damage to the entire system. It is essential to have this looked at and fix the problem as soon as it arises, to avoid compounding the damage. It’s important to understand the different procedures that can be used to clean your plumbing system.

Many choose to use a plumbing snake to wash out the system manually. However, one of the most reliable methods to combat these problems is to hire a professional plumber, like the experts at Kwik Plumber Services, to come and use state of the art hydro jetting technology for a thorough clean out of the entire plumbing system.

While snakes can certainly treat clogs, there is always the chance that the snake will not quite pull the clogged material out, but actually end up pushing it further into the system, compounding the problem and most likely increasing the time and money you will spend on fixing the problem.

On the other hand, hydro jets work to eliminate clogs by destroying them within the internal system and subsequently flushing them out into the communal sewage system, where it is then taken and disposed of. This is not only the cleanest, but also the safest way to ensure that not only are your drains clean, but their structural composition has not been compromised.

To understand the plumbing snake a little better, let’s discuss the method of their use. Snakes are maneuvered down into the drain manually, where they meet the clog, and through a twisting motion of the coil on the head, the intention is to lift the clog and pull it out of the system.

This system can certainly work, pulling the majority of the clog material up out of the drain and leaving the remaining to be flushed through into the sewage system. However, this can be a difficult process and often results in clogs simply being solidified by being pushed further into the system.

Some causes of clogs include the interference of roots, corroded pieces of pipe, or tough objects jammed into the mechanism. These types of clogs cannot be removed by a snake alone, and there may be many frustrating times in which the snake is unable to remove the debris.

Additional care must be taken in the type of snake used for the problem. Some are specifically designed for larger problems, some for toilets, some for large diameter drains. Additionally, erratic use of snakes can introduce structural damage to the internal plumbing material.

On the other hand, hydro jetting offers a number of benefits compared to snaking. Shooting a strong stream of water throughout the system, the clogged material is broken apart and safely flushed out of the system. Nothing left behind, a comprehensive cleaning of the entire system, with safe disposal and minimal damage.

If you are interested in the benefits of hydro jetting your plumbing system, or you have a clog in need of attention, please call Kwik Plumber Services at 561-627-2244.



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