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Plumbing is one of those things that most homeowners take for granted. It’s not often thought of as a luxury, but when you realize all the intricacies involved with your home plumbing system, you become a lot more thankful that you have it! Of course, sometimes disruptions do occur. You may come home to a burst pipe and a flooded room. This is never ideal, and hopefully something you’ll be able to avoid. How do you know if you need a pipe replacement though?

Material Corrosion

The material of your pipes plays a large role in how fast or slow they will corrode. If your home is over 50 years old, you’ll probably find cast iron pipes throughout your plumbing, as this was the most common material used for water lines. However, copper is now the most common pipe material used in homes. It’s highly resistant to rust, and can last a long time. Keep in mind though, that even copper can corrode. Chemicals such as chlorine and formaldehyde cause erosion no matter what type of material is used.

Hard Water

Most people know the basic signs of hard water. You’ll see a white crusty residue on your shower heads, faucets, around your drains, etc. This is caused by the high amount of calcium and magnesium present in the water. After some time, hard water deposits its minerals on the walls of the pipes through which it flows. These deposits turn into lime scale, and eventually obstruct the flow of water. Usually if this is caught early, lime scale can be removed. However, if not, the lime scale will harden and the pipe will need replacing.

Shifting Earth

Many times, shifting earth from inclement weather, or even invasive tree roots, can cause damage to your pipes. Many times, these pipes can be repaired. However, in some cases the extent of the damage may be too great, and you’ll need to have the pipes replaced instead. Any pipe replacement should be completed by a skilled, licensed plumber.

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