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An epidemic has hit South Florida involving the cast iron piping used in sewage systems across the area. With a 25-35 year life span, many are reaching their expiration date, causing problems for owners and residents. Reaching this age, the pipes are due to fail, so wait no longer! Call Kwik Plumber before cracks, misalignment, or intrusions take their toll on your property!

1) Backups- Sewage Lines

Blockages can occur throughout the drainage system, and a common one is in the sewage line. Back-ups in fixtures should be dealt with immediately- our experts know all the ins and outs of the sewer lines and will gladly isolate and eradicate any problem before it manifests. We offer video inspection services to target every inch of the piping and determine where the problem lies.

2) Odors

Sewage odors, particularly sewage gas odors, suggest a crack in the system. We work to create an airtight environment for the system (except for roof vent stacks which move sewage waste down).

3) Mold

The presence of mold also suggests a crack in the sewage lines. In this area, humidity, in particular, can cause molds to grow fairly easily, and a cracked pipe only adds to this.

4) Slowing of Drains

Reduction in drain speed suggests a blockage somewhere along the line. This could stem from showers, sinks, toilets, etc, but a comprehensive analysis is needed to determine the location of the blockage. Often, channeling or cracks may be responsible. Do not always trust drain cleaners, which can often have a diminishing effect on certain pipe materials, including PVS and cast iron.

5) Bold Breen Grass Patch

In a somewhat contradictory sense, sewage acts as a fertilizer for plant life, and so extra green areas may be a sign of a leak.

6) Lawn Indentation

Soil dissipation can occur from cracked sewage lines, causing a notable difference in level on a lawn or garden.

7) Ground/foundation cracks

From slab deterioration to even the formation of sinkholes, sewage leaks can have noticeable effects on foundations.

Without the structure of pilings, foundation issues require immediate attention, and our team at Kwik Plumbers are always on hand to help out.

8) Pooling of septic waste

This can point to septic tank issues, cracked lines, and even clogged drains. This will be most noticeable beneath the pool of sewer water.

9) Rodent infestation

An increasing presence of rodents can be a sign of a crack in the sewage lines, due to their escape from their common breeding ground in the sewers. Cracks even the size of a mere quarter are enough for a rat to squeeze through.

This becomes a health problem considering rodents spread numerous diseases such as Haemorrhagic Fever. These can be airborne or spread through droppings and the like.
Our video analysis offers a look in to see if these rodents have found their way into your system, as well as solutions as to what to do about it.

10) Insect Problems

Another obvious sign is increasing insect infestations within the home, particularly things like flies and cockroaches. The smallest cracks can invite these creatures in, with cockroaches known to squeeze through cracks as thin as the American dime.
These also are bad news for your health, as many proteins found in cockroaches trigger allergic reactions as well as adverse asthma symptoms.
While many choose to treat this problem with pest control, this only offers a temporary solution. Fix the pipe, and stop the problem at the source.

How to Avoid Further Sewer Pipe Damage

Have our dedicated team at Kwik Plumbers come for a comprehensive analysis of your piping system and offer instant solutions to your problems, minimum upheaval, expense, and stress. Call 561-627-2244 today!



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