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Old, rusty cast iron pipes replacement Jupiter, FL

Cast iron sewer pipes are no longer installed in many homes and properties. While they used to be a popular choice, their limitations have become known over the years. Trenchless pipe lining in Jupiter, FL is one of the main methods for replacing them. It is a definite improvement over cast iron, and more suitable for long-term use.

Cast Iron’s Limitations Will Cause Problems

Pipe lining companies have better and more durable options for cast iron pipes. Due to cast iron’s inherent nature, it always results in leaks and breakage more than any other type of pipe. 

Over time, you may experience low water pressure, leaks, and sewer backups. Worse of all, it’s hard to inspect them since they have rust and waste buildup. It’s better to replace them rather than wait for the problems to worsen.

PVC Pipes are Cheaper and More Durable

Due to their role in underground sewers, cast iron pipes corrode and deteriorate. Cast iron pipe lining is somewhat effective. But we all know that major deterioration is inevitable.

Replacing them with another set of cast iron pipes is pointless and costly. Not only will it rust again, but it will include excavation and restoration on your property. 

Cured-in-place pipe or CIPP pipe lining is cheaper. But it’s a more durable material with better tensile strength. Its trenchless process also eliminates the need for excessive digging and restoration.

PVC is Tighter and More Uniform

Cast iron pipes use threaded joints and connections. They become weak and loose as they develop extreme rust with the whole piece. A PVC sewer pipe lining is whole and uniform, resulting in a tight sewer line that keeps the sewer line cohesive.

Call Kwik Plumbers when you’re ready to replace old cast iron pipes, which we hope is soon. We have been the local specialists for all plumbing services since 1982. From our experience, replacing them is the best option. It is the best proactive step rather than waiting for its late-stage complications. 



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