How to Install a Toilet?

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How to Install a Toilet?

October 9, 2020

If your toilet uses too much water, has cracks and leaks, or is just too old, it’s time to get a new one. Installing a new toilet by yourself is not easy, but if you’re a DIYer, this guide is what you need.  When you’re removing your old toilet and installing a new one, be…

Top 5 Common Water Leakages in Homes

August 5, 2017

Are you experiencing any water leakage? When was the last time you performed a plumbing system routine check? Leakages are a major source of expenditures on monthly utility bills without most homeowners’ noticing. On average, a household wastes over 22 gallons of water in a day. In a survey, it was found that out of…

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