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Are you experiencing any water leakage? When was the last time you performed a plumbing system routine check? Leakages are a major source of expenditures on monthly utility bills without most homeowners’ noticing. On average, a household wastes over 22 gallons of water in a day. In a survey, it was found that out of 10 homes, one home wasted 90 or more gallons of water a day. This resolves to a lot of money being wasted. Fixing these leakages can save you almost 10 percent of all your utility bill expenditure.

Whether you are concerned with the ecosystem or saving bills, it would be prudent to fix leaking pipes before matters get worse. The result of unattended leaks is spending a lot of money on fixing damages accumulated on your property. The following is a simple guide on how you can stop these leakages, once and for all.

Faucet Leaks

These are among the most common in many households. If you have two faucet leakages in your home, each at a rate of 10 drips a minute, it simply means that you are losing an equivalent of two gallons every day. That is nearly 700 gallons a year.

The worst leakage is that of a drainage pipe under your sink. Water slowly collects beneath the sink. With time, the floor and wall are damaged due to prolonged dampness. But the worst of it, formation of molds will occur leading to elevated costs in repairing and restoring your property to initial state.

If you are not an expert at DIY’s it’s wiser to simply call Kwik Plumbers to have the leak fixed.

Toilet Leaks

Normally, most toilet leaks occur between the bowl and the tank. Such leakages also account for a greater percentage of water waste. Even though your house may not be at a serious risk of damage due to the floor tiles, the amount of water wasted at the end of the year is a lot. If you happen to notice that your floor tiles are uneven or strange puddles developing in your toilet, it could mean that there is a possible leak beyond the bowl and the toilet tank.

Never disregard this as there could be a more serious problem cooking itself up. It could eventually lead to irreparable or costly damages. Simply let our expert plumbers take a look at the problem to solve it right away!

Water heater Leaks

The Water heater is the source of all hot water either for showering, cleaning the dishes or even washing your laundry. Leakages from the water heater may go unnoticed for a very long time. As such, you should consider doing a routine check with the help of a professional plumber, otherwise you risk damage occurring to your property. You can as well do it yourself by carefully listening to any dripping sounds, reduction in water supply, puddles forming near your heater, unbalanced flooring at your tank’s base among others. These could be indications of water heater leakage.

Leaks from washing machines

A sudden failure of a washing machine can be followed by flooding. But if there is a small leak, the good thing is that you are given enough time to identify and fix the problem before more serious damage happens. Regular routine checks should be carried out on the washing machine to identify cracks, rusts, loose hoses or bends.

Pipe leakages

Since plumbing pipes run virtually through the entire house, leakages can develop at any moment, at any spot. Joints on the plumbing pipes can as well lead to leakages. It is possible for water to drip from pipes behind the walls thus creating damp conditions. This can be prevented through regular plumbing checks by professional plumbers.

You can as well test for leakages in your home’s plumbing pipes by monitoring your water meter. Simply take current meter reading, halt usage of water for a minimum of two hours then take another reading again. If there is a drop in your reading, then there could possibly be a leakage somewhere along your pipes.

If suspecting a leak or any other problem related to plumbing, contact the experts at Kwik Plumbers.



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