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Are you shopping for a new house? While you might feel like you have found THE house, chances are you probably got caught up in the aesthetics only. But let me stop you there!
You have to look for the existing problems before making a decision. Poor plumbing is clearly a deal-breaker. And who wants to buy a new house with plumbing problems they didn’t even know about until it was too late? Let’s spot some red flags.

Leaky and Wobbly Toilets

Start by looking for the signs of bad plumbing in the bathrooms. Make sure the toilets are working properly by flushing every toilet in the house. Inspect the tank’s bottom and toilet base for leaks, moisture, and discoloration.
If the toilet seems unstable or shaky when you sit on it, check the bolts first. When toilets are wobbling despite being firmly fixed, it may indicate a bigger problem. A water leak can damage the wax seal around the toilet, resulting in wobbly toilets.

Slow Drainage and Bad Water Pressure

Check drainage and water pressure by turning on every showerhead and faucet. If the water pressure is not enough and just a trickle comes out, there is a huge plumbing problem. Also, don’t forget to check the speed at which water drains.
If the water drains slowly, the plumbing is not in good condition. There might be a blockage or build-up that is clogging the drainpipes.

Ceiling Stains and Soft Spots

Pay special attention to ceilings and floors. If you find some ceiling stains, there can be plumbing problems on the second floor. During the walk-through, look for soft flooring spots as well. Check if the floor feels soft under your feet around toilets, tubs, washing machine, and by the sinks and dishwashers in the kitchen.
But keep in mind that sometimes, the subfloor issues might result in soft spots on the floors. Moreover, check the ceilings for water stains caused due to leaky roofs.

Outdated Water Heaters

Most people don’t check whether the water heater is outdated or not. But you should not make this mistake. Be sure to ask the real estate agent if the water heater has ever been replaced and how old the heater is.
Water heaters have an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years. If the water heater is outdated, it’ll have to be replaced. But they are not cheap. A new water heater can cost anywhere between $1,200 to $5,000.

Discolored Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Investigate under the sinks, behind water heaters, and look around the basement carefully. Discolored pipes are another sign of bad plumbing that result from leaks along the drain line. Lastly, look for recent fixtures. They are quite obvious as the color or the material won’t match.
Plumbing fixtures can also lead to disasters in the future. When the pipe connection is weak, leaks or even bursts can occur in the plumbing lines.
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