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General Plumbing in West Palm Beach, FL

Every time you make use of fresh water appliances in your home, you’re making use of your plumbing system. The average home’s plumbing system is a massive network of pipes, valves, drains, and appliances. It’s subjected to an incredible amount of wear and tear, used many times a day for all sorts of different uses. It can develop a truly astonishing array of different problems if not properly taken care of, costing thousands of dollars and lowering your quality of life. So, you should be sure to hire a plumbing company you trust to take care of your plumbing system for you. Kwik Plumbers offers a full range of plumbing services throughout West Palm Beach, FL. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.

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When to Call for Plumbing Repair

There are, as we mentioned above, a wide range of different plumbing problems that can affect your system. There are just as many signs that your plumbing system needs repairs, far too many to list all of them here. However, there are a few that we can cover while we’re on the topic:

  • Loss of Water Pressure: If you experience a loss of water pressure in one or more plumbing appliances in your home, whether sudden or gradual, you may have a plumbing problem. Leaks, ruptures, and blockages are all possible causes of such issues.
  • Discolored Water: If the water coming out of your faucets is discolored, it indicates some type of contamination in the system. Brown or red water is often caused by rust, and is the most common type of discoloration. This can be quite serious, so call for repairs immediately.

We Offer Full Plumbing Services

Of course, there’s far more to plumbing than just patching up leaks and solving other repair issues. Proper installation, maintenance, and replacement services matter just as much as good repairs do. Kwik Plumbers installs and maintains all manner of plumbing appliances, as well. If you need a plumbing appliance of any kind installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we can take care of it for you. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. We’ll make sure that your plumbing system gets whatever it needs in order to continue service you well for as many years as possible.

Bathroom Plumbing

The bathroom is the area of the average home with the greatest number of plumbing appliances. That gives it unique requirements when it comes to keeping all of those plumbing systems in good condition. We know exactly what it takes to keep bathroom plumbing appliances running smoothly. If you need bathroom plumbing services, let one of our expert plumbers help you out.

Emergency Plumbing

Not all plumbing problems are kind enough to occur during business hours. Some are even so urgent that they cannot wait hours and hours to be addressed. If you have a plumbing problem that needs to be addressed as soon as humanly possible, don’t worry! We offer comprehensive emergency plumbing services. Any time of the day or night, we can help if you need it.

Garbage Disposal Units

Garbage disposals have become so commonplace that many people take them for granted. You may not really notice your garbage disposal that often, but you’d probably miss it terribly if it broke down on you. We offer a full range of garbage disposal services throughout West Palm Beach, FL. No matter what your garbage disposal needs, we can help.

Kitchen Plumbing

Next to the bathroom, the kitchen is the room with the highest amount of plumbing appliances in the home. Just like the bathroom, keeping all of these appliances operating properly is key to the function of the room. Our expert plumbers have many years of professional experience providing kitchen plumbing services.


All of those plumbing pipes in your home had to come from somewhere. Whether you’re building a new home, adding onto an existing one, or just using your home’s normal plumbing system, you’re going to probably need piping services at some point. We install plumbing pipes of all kinds throughout West Palm Beach, FL. We’ll make sure that your plumbing pipes stay in good condition.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leaks are leaks that occur under or within the concrete foundation of your home, called a slab. These leaks force water up through the slab and into your home, where it will cause widespread water damage. Slab leaks are incredibly difficult to detect and repair, but with the right contractor you can limit the damage to your home as much as possible. We offer full slab leak detection and repair services.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are systems designed to prevent an area from flooding by removing all water that flows into it. A sump pump is comprised of a pit, called a sump, which contains the pump itself. The pit is always installed at the lowest point of the area, so water that enters the area will flow into the sump. When the water levels in the sump reach a certain point, the pump activates and pumps it through a pipe out of the house. We install and service sump pumps.

Water Leak Detection

Part of the problem with plumbing leaks is how difficult they are to find. Most leaks don’t cause any kind of external symptoms, so they just continue until they inflict enough damage to the surrounding area to be noticed. That’s why we offer water leak detection services. You should schedule water leak detection services at least once a year, in order to make sure that your system is in good shape.

Water Lines

The water line is the pipe that transports all fresh water from either the well or the city water main into your home. This line is vital to your home’s plumbing system, so you should make sure that it remains in the best possible condition. We install, repair, maintain, and replace water linesthroughout West Palm Beach, FL. Call today for more information.