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September 25, 2017

Kwik Plumbers was hired by Northport Condominium Association of North Palm Beach in April of 2017. The scope of work included: Choosing to hire Kwik Plumbers saved Northport Condominium the cost of digging a 55 ft trench through the condominium and the hassle involved with conventional pipe repair methods. October 27, 2016 Letter of Recommendation Northport Condominium Association…

Lake Colony Condominium

September 25, 2017

Lake Colony Condominiums are located on the intracoastal in North Palm Beach, Florida. The Colony comprises of 6 buildings, each two stories tall, lining the intracoastal. Kwik Plumbers was originally called in July 2016 to deal with specific problems related to drainage leaks flowing into the first floor. During the inspection process, it became clear that the sanitary…

Answering Some of the Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

May 16, 2016

Your plumbing system is perhaps the most complex system within your entire home. As such, it’s important only to trust a professional when it comes time to inspect your plumbing or making repairs. DIY-projects are sometimes nice, but in this case they can do more harm than good. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of general…

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