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While the world is quickly going digital in virtually every aspect, our homes have stubbornly refused to change. Take for instance toilet paper, Americans consume an average of 15 billion toilet paper rolls annually. The entire planet could be wrapped 40 times! Surprised, that’s only a glimpse of our deep love with the paper products!
In the work place, companies are trying as much as possible to eliminate dependencies on papers. Letters are now becoming a thing of the past with emails taking over. Paper memos are almost becoming extinct as group notifications take over. The opposite is true in our homes. We use toilet papers, wrapping papers, paper napkins, paper towels plus many others at astonishing rates!
Even more shocking facts about paper use are in global paper use statistics. By learning about the disease of paper use, you can educate yourself on various ways you can personally contribute to reducing its environmental impact.

Paper use statistics

  • Every year, paper is produced on an average of 300 million tons. That simply translates to 285 tons of paper being produced almost every minute.
  • The rate of consumption of paper for an average American is 700 pounds per year.
  • 33 percent of municipal waste and 25 percent of landfill waste comprise of paper.
  • Every year, over 68 million trees succumb to merciless cutting so as to create paper products. If that paper at your home is not recycled, it only finds its way to the landfills.

The fate of toilet papers after flushing

We are all probably aware that toilet papers and paper towels thrown away finally end up in landfills. However, do you know what happens to toilet papers whenever you flush the toilet? Of course, you wouldn’t think of recycling used toilet papers! That is why they are designed in such a manner that they disintegrate on contact with water. This is also important for preventing clogging and is essential during water treatment.
At the thought of it, you may be led to assume that you can do very little to reduce consumption of toilet paper. Using fewer sheets is just one remedy, but the best one would be to adopt the use of bidets as it’s done by the Europeans. This would greatly slash down the demand for toilet papers.

How recycling accounts to reduction of paper waste

The idea behind paper recycling is to reduce cutting of new trees, even though water and energy are required. The following is a brief description of what goes into paper recycling process:

  • The first step goes to shredding the used paper. It is then mixed with certain chemicals and water and then heated to turn it into pulp.
  • Spinning the pulp removes the impurities.
  • After purification of the pulp, spraying onto a conveyer belt takes place. This is essential for bonding the paper fibers together.
  • Drying of the paper is done using hot metal rollers. The paper is then spooled on large rolls. This finalizes the process, making the paper ready to be reused.

If we could get everyone to recycle paper, opportunities for buying recycled paper are created. You can choose to be an environment conscious consumer by selecting only 100 percent recycled paper products.

Eliminate paper usage

We can eliminate usage of paper by adopting items that are reusable, such as cloth napkins. It may appear as if using reusable products that need washing is simply swapping the problem of paper wastage with that of water. But did you know that more water goes into making paper than cleaning the reusable products?
We can save up to 7,000 water gallons, 700 oil gallons and 17 trees if we choose to replace a single ton of paper napkins ad plates with the reusable cloth napkins and dishes.

Excellent ways of reusing paper toilet paper rolls and towels

Recycling paper does not necessarily mean flinging it in your recycle bin. Empty paper towels and toilet rolls can also be repurposed into some amazing crafts for your kids.
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